Did You Know…? Indonesia Has Practiced FGM since 17th Century

With a documented population of 249.9 Million, Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation that is made up of thousands of volcanic islands, and is the home to hundreds of ethnic groups.  It sits in the Indian Ocean near Thailand, Australia and Papua New Guinea.  However there is one alarming significant point about Indonesia.  It is the prevalent practice of female genital mutilation.

According to a report by Stop FGM Middle East, female genital mutilation has been practiced in Indonesia since the 17th century.  The practice is said to be common in all eight regions.  The fact that Indonesia was one of the first countries to ban the practice of FGM in 2006 does not grant much credit to the government of that country.  Although the Indonesian government had prohibited the practice by health officials, but the ban was short-lived due to opposition by the Ulema Council, which is the highest Islamic advisory body of that country.  By November of 2010, the Indonesian government caved in to pressure from Muslim organizations in that country and lifted the 2006 ban.  Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority nation in the world.

Medical professionals such as midwives and doctors in that country are authorized to perform FGM by scratching the skin that covers the front of the clitoris, without hurting the clitoris.  The fact remains, any tampering such as cuts and scratches to the clitoris will inflict pain and hurt.  Therefore that concept is ludicrous.