Weekly Word-Scramble

Do you enjoy playing with words?  This is a fun way to see how well you can unscramble the following words.  We will reveal the unscrambled words in next week’s edition of the newsletter.  If you enjoyed this, write and give us your feedback to info@globalwomanpeacefoundation.org.

Can you unscramble the following five words?

This Week’s Scrambled Words






Last Week’s Scrambled Words                      Last Week’s Unscrambled Words

KLAW OT DNE MGF                                      WALK TO END FGM                                 

REBOTCO                                                        OCTOBER

NOTGNIHSAW, C.D.                                      WASHINGTON, D.C.                                  

YROTSIH                                                         HISTORY

HTXIS RAEY                                                   SIXTH YEAR                       

We give you five scrambled words each week.  We hope you enjoy playing.

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