Weekly Word-Scramble

Do you enjoy playing with words?  This is a fun way to see how well you can unscramble the following words.  We will reveal the unscrambled words in next week’s edition of the newsletter.  If you enjoyed this, write and give us your feedback to info@globalwomanpeacefoundation.org.

Can you unscramble the following five words?

This Week’s Scrambled Words






Last Week’s Scrambled Words                      Last Week’s Unscrambled Words

ODNOB YTEICOS                                           BONDO SOCIETY                 

EDNAS YTEICOS                                            SANDE SOCIETY

SEOZ                                                                 ZOES                         

NOISICMUCRIC                                               CIRCUMCISION

YMOTCEDIROTILC                                        CLITORIDECTOMY               

We give you five scrambled words each week.  We hope you enjoy playing.

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  1. Some ‘people’ are too young to go anywhere, they are children or teenagers… this article is too general and one sided…no room for different situations. I think it can only be this way up to a point and in certain situation. This kind of article can also make one feel insecure for feeling/acknowledging they were abused and therefore not taking the necessary steps to heal… hippy Dippy article.

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