Announcing Our 2019 Global Woman Award Recipients

In 2015, Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation (GWPF) created the Global Woman Awards, a way to give recognition and honor to women, men and students who dedicate their time to the campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM) and other injustices on women and girls.

The organization began by recognizing women in 2015 that had used their talents and professional attributes to help in the campaign to end FGM.  Then in 2016 GWPF awarded the first man, Godfrey Williams-Okorodus for using this art work to advocate against FGM.  In the same year, the Global Woman Awards recognized the first student, Amani DeShield for introducing the campaign against FGM to her Middle School in Maryland in the U.S.  The Student Ambassador category was created to encourage students to become involved in the campaign against FGM.  In 2017, the second man, Virginia State Senator Richard H. Black was recognized for his diligence in criminalizing FGM in his state.  Then in 2018, the Awards Committee added another award category, “Woman of the Year”, and this year, a “Man of the Year” category was added.  The Awards Committee is responsible for vetting and nominating individuals who have exemplified performance in the campaign against FGM and other harmful practices.

Some of the awards recipients in 2015 were American Urologist, Marci Bowers, Equality Now Director, Shelby Quast, Jaha Dukureh, Fatoumata Kande of IAC-USA, Hibo Wardere, Martha Allen of Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press, F.A. Cole, Mariam Bojang, the late Lisa C. Bruch, and a few others.  In 2016, some of the awardees were Susan Masling, Kristin Hoffmann, Diane Walsh, Elisabeth Wilson, Hilary Burrage, Missy Crutchfield, Susan Gibbs, Andrea Roane, Sherelle Carper, Godfrey Williams-Okorodus and others.  The 2017 awardees were French Urologist, Pierre Foldes, Frederique Martz, Edna Adan, Mariya Taher, Virginia Senator Richard Black, French Prosecutor, Linda Weil-Curiel, Tobe Levin, Arifa Nasim, Adama Diaby, and Maggie O’Kane.  In 2018 the awardees were Susan McLucas, Adriana Kaplan, Karen McDonnell, Hazel Barrett, Barbara Nowak, Giselle Portenier, Sarah Champion, Heather Sirocki, Severina Lemachokoti, Marie-Claire Moraldo, Kameel Ahmady, Ramah Abdulaleem, Ayodele Gansallo, Dexter Dias, Egyptian Physician, Mawaheb El-Mouelhy, American Gynecologist, Ranit Mishori, David Indeje, Maria Akhter, Fatu Drame, Beryl Dorsett, and Joetta Brown.

If you wonder what it takes to be nominated and selected for one of these awards, here are the categories and criteria: 

Legal – An attorney who works with immigrant women and girls of FGM experience is eligible for this award.  Also, an attorney rendering other legal services to help prevent women and girls from FGM, domestic violence, sex trafficking, or any other gender based violence would be eligible to receive the award in the Legal Category. 

Medical / Health – A medical personnel such as an obstetrician/gynecologist, psychologist, psychoanalyst, nurse, mental health professional, surgeon, etc. who has worked with women and girls that have experienced FGM, or other harmful practices will be eligible to receive the award in the Medical Category. 

Survivor Activist – A woman who has experienced FGM, and has taken her own experience to help other women and girls; by either starting her own campaign against the practice of FGM or working with other organizations and campaigns will be eligible to receive the award in the Survivor Activist Category.

Advocacy – An advocate or activist who works against FGM and is making a difference in the lives of women and girls meets the criteria for this Advocacy Category.    

Political – This award recipient does not have to be a politician.  He/she must have helped introduce FGM into law, advocated against FGM in a nation’s government, parliament or congress to be eligible for this award.  Someone who introduces or helps introduce policies to enact laws against harmful practices, especially FGM.  A lobbyist or someone working in the political arena, elected or non-elected is eligible for the Political Category.  

Education / Training – A teacher, trainer, professor, counselor, or caretaker who trains and educates the general public about FGM is eligible for an award in the Education / Training Category.

Student Ambassador – A middle school, secondary school or university student who has done something to help raise awareness among his/her peers and within his/her school about FGM and other harmful practices is eligible to receive the award in the Student Ambassador Category.

Lisa C. Bruch Woman of the Year – This is the second year this category is being awarded.  This year, it is named after the late Lisa C. Bruch who served for several years as an Advisor to the Board of Directors of GWPF.  Lisa was the longest and largest donor of the organization, and supported the recognition given to advocates.  The recipient of this award must have exemplified Lisa’s expectations and the qualities for which she stood.    

Man of the Year – This category is a new addition this year.  There are men who do a great deal to protect girls and women from various types of violence, including FGM but they might not be eligible for any of the other 9 categories.  This individual must be exceptional in his contribution to the campaign against FGM and/or other gender based violence.  This category was created to encourage and inspire men to become involved in the campaign against FGM and other forms of gender based violence.

Congratulations to the 2019 Global Woman Award Recipients:

Medical / Health – Dr. Willa Jones, Washington, DC USA

Legal – Attorney Sandra Roland, Maryland USA

Education / Training – Dr. Ghada Khan, California USA

Advocacy – Ms. Djessou Kouyate, Maryland USA

Lisa C. Bruch Woman of the Year – Monalisa Dugue, Washington, DC USA

Man of the Year – Dr. Morissanda Kouyate, Guinea, West Africa

Political – State Representative, Thomas P. Murt, Pennsylvania USA

Survivor Activist – Ms. Maryum Saifee, New York USA

Student Ambassador – Ms. Edwige Dossou-Kitti, New York / New Jersey USA

The Committee of the Global Woman Awards congratulates the 2019 awardees.  Please visit the Awardees Page on the Walk To End FGM (#walk2endFGM) site at, click on red “Register To Walk” button.  There you will find additional information on each awardee.

Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation invites you to join them on Friday, October 18th when they honor and recognize these dedicated and deserving individuals.  You are also invited to the Walk To End FGM the following day, Saturday, October 19th.

Comments and questions to or call (703) 832-2642

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