May Special Announcement:

The decision to open registrations for the 2020 Walk To End FGM and the Global Woman Awards this October was delayed, due to the social distancing restrictions of COVID-19.  The Board of Directors decided to plan for a virtual 2-day event this year.  Planning for the 2-day event takes several months, and since there is no set date in the foreseeable future of the country returning to normal public gathering, GWPF has decided to plan for a virtual event.  Within the month of May, the site will be open for registration and setting up teams to fundraise in support of our programs. We will utilize social media and video conferencing in October to host the Global Woman Awards on Friday, October 16th and the Walk To End FGM on Saturday, October 17th.  We will make every effort to have everything we have done, annually since 2014, with the exception of physically walking together.  This year will be different but fortunately for technology, GWPF will still host the Walk To End FGM and the Global Woman Awards.  Stay tuned for the announcement of open registration.  Thank you for your continued support.  

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