Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. To Give Recognition Awards At Walk To End FGM

Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation announced Thursday that they will give awards to ten women in recognition of their remarkable work and contribution against female genital mutilation and other forms of violence against women.

While women’s organizations around the world celebrated “Day of the Girl” on Sunday, the Executive Committee of Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation sent out notifications to the selected recipients of their Recognition Award.  “There are so many women around the world who deserve to be recognized and unfortunately we can only give out ten a year.”  A member of the Executive Committee pointed out.  “It is the least our organization can do for these brave and courageous women who dedicate their time and lives to ensure that there is equality and safety for women and girls in the world.”

The Recognition Awards is a new item to the Walk to End FGM this year.  The organization will select ten recipients each year in recognition of their work.  In the future, Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. will involve the general public; they will ask the public to send in nominations to be considered for selection by the Executive Committee.  The organization will begin accepting nominations for 2016 effective June 1, 2016.  Nominations will be welcomed from all parts of the world.

This year’s ceremony at the Walk to End FGM is projected to be extraordinary.  There are several items on the program that were not on the 2014 program.  You do not want to miss this year’s walk-a-thon; there are the special speakers, the Recognition Awards, giving honor to the survivors and the introduction of a special song composed and dedicated to Global Woman P.E.A.C.E.

The JW Marriott announced this past Thursday that they have lowered the special discounted Walk to End FGM rate by $35 nightly, and they have decided to extend the deadline to Friday, October 16th as opposed to the original deadline of October 9th.  You still have time to make your hotel room reservations if you need overnight accommodations.  Visit to reserve your room.

If you have not yet secured your registration for the Walk to End FGM on October 31st, it is not too late.  Visit the website at and register to join this memorable event.  If you are unable to walk the 5K stretch, you may still register and join the crowd for the ceremony.  If you will not be in Washington, D.C. on the 31st, you can support the cause to end female genital mutilation by making a donation on the website.  For more information about the walk-a-thon and the ceremony, please contact the organization at or 703.818.3787.

Special Song Dedicated To Ending FGM Will Be Played At The Walk To End FGM  

Pop songstress and Juilliard trained multi-instrumentalist, Kristin Hoffmann composed and recorded her single, One World, and has dedicated it to Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation.  The lyrics, “We’re all in this together right now.  When a woman cries out, we all cry out; when a mother cries out, we all cry out.  We’re all in this together right now” are indicative to why the organization is hosting the 5K walk-a-thon on the 31st of this month.

Ms. Hoffman wrote, “One of the main focuses for the energy and sentiment of One World was empowering women, families and men against FGM.  It doesn’t talk about FGM specifically, but this is one of the main focuses.”

Kristin studied with Sound Healing pioneer, Fabian Maman, and she has made music to accompany acupuncture sessions.  She has also composed 170 songs for health-challenged children as a writer and producer at a non-profit organization. Kristin has also performed at environmental awareness conventions around the world.

Unfortunately, Kristin is unable to perform this song in person at the walk-a-thon due to another performance on the West Coast, she has asked that we utilize the song during the ceremony.   Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. sends thanks and appreciation to Kristin for sending One World to be played at the Walk to End FGM.

Did You Know…? Eighty-Eight Percent of Sierra Leonean Girls Are Genitally Cut

Bordered by Guinea to the North, Liberia to the Southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the West and Southwest, the Republic of Sierra Leone has a population of approximately 5.2 Million. This West African nation is rich in mineral resources, and has the world’s largest harbors.

According to statistical reports, 88% of girls in Sierra Leone undergo female genital mutilation.  The reason why FGM is so common in Sierra Leone is because it is practiced by a secret society called the Bondo Bush Society.  The Bondo Bush, an all-female secret society is similar or the same as Liberia’s Sande Bush.  In the Sierra Leonean Bondo Bush, the excisor is referred to as the Sowei, while in the Liberian Sande Bush, the excisor is called the Zoe.  Women that are members of the Bondo Society are regarded as having a higher standing than other women in Sierra Leone.  The cost of FGM, which is included in the initiation into the Bondo Society is quite expensive; therefore parents are proud when their daughters are initiated into the Bondo because it shows they are financially stable and able to afford this.

In Sierra Leone, FGM usually consists of removing the clitoris as a major part in preparing the young women for marriage and motherhood through this initiation ceremony.  A woman’s initiation is synonymous with women’s power in Sierra Leone, and the act of excision is a reminder that women are from which all human creation is derived.  The Bondo Society elders believe that excision improves sexual satisfaction as it removes focus from the clitoris.

Would You Like to Be An Ambassador for Global Woman P.E.A.C.E.?

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for GWPF, send us an email with your brief bio to or call us with questions 1.703.818.3787.

As part of GWPF’s campaign to educate the American public on the practice of FGM, the organization believes that having a representative in each state is a key factor in helping to raise awareness throughout the U.S.

The requirements to being an ambassador for GWPF are as follows:

  • Have basic general knowledge of the practice of female genital mutilation
  • Be able to speak to an audience about the practice
  • Be able to represent GWPF at an “End FGM Social” in your state
  • Come up with new ideas to raise awareness about the practice of FGM in your state
  • Help promote GWPF’s programs in your state
  • Already have a connection with a university in your state or can establish a connection
  • You do not have to be a survivor or at-risk girl to be an ambassador


The Global Woman Center is Open for Appointments

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