Walk to End FGM Special Edition

An Exclusive will return in a couple of weeks.  Join us when we bring you another fascinating person.  This is a special edition for the Walk to End FGM.

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Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation Releases their 2016 Award Recipients

Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation will recognize eleven deserving women, one middle school student-ambassador and one man on Saturday, October 15, 2016 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  The organization started the recognition at the 2015 Walk to End FGM to recognize the work of eleven women every year at the Walk to End FGM.  This year a man and a middle school student will be recognized for the first time by the organization.

There are so many deserving women doing great advocacy work against gender based violence, and it was difficult to choose only eleven.  However Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. will ensure that all women as well as men will be recognized in the upcoming years.

The organization determines the selections from names that are submitted by the general public, especially our supporters and readers of the newsletter.  Those names are voted on by the nominating committee of the organization, and submitted for final approval.  Meet the 2016 awardees.

Susan L. Masling – For Her Work in the US Legal System against FGM


Hilary Burrage – For Authoring Two books on FGM


Diane Walsh – For Advocating and Covering FGM Globally


Sando Sherman-Adetunji – For Getting the First Liberian District FGM-free


Kristin Hoffmann – For the Composition and Recording of the Walk to End FGM Anthem


Susan Gibbs – For Her Continued Global Reach in Advocacy for Women’s Rights


Sarah Sisaye – For Continuing to Advocate Education of FGM in the US


Sherelle Carper – For Organizing the Women’s Health Coalition of Women’s Organizations


Missy Crutchfield – For Using Print Media as a Weapon against FGM


Elisabeth Wilson – In Recognition for Continuing to Advocate against FGM in Europe


Andrea Roane – For Being Persistent in Reporting a News Story on FGM in 2015


Amani DeShield – For Being the First Middle School FGM Student Ambassador for GWPF


Godfrey Williams-Okorodus – For Using His Art Work to Fight FGM


Submissions for 2017 awardees will be announced on Social Media and in this newsletter in January 2017.  If you know of someone who is deserving of this recognition award, you may submit the name(s) as of January after the announcement.

5k Participants

How Can I be a Participant in the Walk to End FGM?

We have received inquiries about how one may register to participate in the Walk to End FGM.  Here are step by step instructions on how to register.  Visit www.globalwomanpeacefoundtion.org, scroll down and click on the reg=but button.  Then click on reg=butand follow the instructions.  The Walk page is simple to navigate.  Here are other ways in which you may get involved:

  • Register as an individual participant
  • Form a team and invite others to join your team and help raise funds
  • Join a team that is already formed
  • Register as a virtual participant and help raise funds (if you are unable to attend)
  • Sponsor a team or an individual participant or sponsor the event
  • Be a Partner Organization with Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation in the Walk to End FGM
  • Register as a volunteer


To volunteer, contact us at info@globalwomanpeacefoundation.org or call 703-818-3787.  Register at reg=but and Walk to End FGM.  Click on the link below to see some highlights of our 2015 Walk to End FGM.


Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  As such, your donations and registration fees are tax deductible to the maximum extent required by law.


How Do I begin if I Want to Participate?

Want to Participate?  Just reg=butand join us! You can now create and manage your own personal page, share your photos, goals and get sponsors. Want to sponsor a participant? Just visit the site more for details.  If you have further questions, please contact info@globalwomanpeacefoundation.org  or visit www.globalwomanpeacefoundation.org.

What are the Walk Options and Schedules? The walk will take place rain or shine.  The ceremony begins at 12:00 noon sharp and the 5K Walk commences at 2:30pm.

What Does Pledging to the Walk Mean, Exactly? If you commit to this event, and pledge to raise money for its success, you are helping to raise money that will be used to help empower women and girls through education to eradicate gender based violence. Female genital mutilation is the intentional removal of the female genitalia for non-medical reasons.  We want it stopped in the world, and most importantly in the United States.  We know that we cannot do this alone. We are seeking partners to join us as we create awareness.  Enjoy the walk and get all the sponsors you can, so when you cross that finish line, we will all be winners – you, and all the survivors of FGM!

How Can My Sponsors Submit Payment? Online contributions can be made by credit card on the participant’s personalized page found on our website at. Just make sure to tell your sponsors to select your name from the list of participants.

What if I am Unable to Raise the Required Funds?  Even if you’ve never raised money before, our materials and strategies will make it easy for you to solicit and collect sponsors from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and others. Experience has shown that it is not only possible, but enjoyable, to set and reach your goals.  Sample letters will be provided on your personal fundraising page center, that explains the programs the Walk supports, and you will be surprised to see how quickly friends, family, and co-workers will respond to your request to help this wonderful cause.  Just remember to make it personal as well, as you want them to know that they are sponsoring YOU and YOUR efforts! And, as many companies offer charitable donation matching programs, make sure to ask your sponsors to check with their employers, as it will help you meet your goal ever more quickly.

Are There Other Activities Planned for the Day? We expect to attract more than 2,000 participants, family members and friends and supporters from the community, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland and several states in the US.  In addition to the walk, there will be a ceremony prior to the walk, starting at noon.  There will be speakers, entertainment, awards and prizes.

What if I Need Overnight Accommodations?  The official hotel of the Walk to End FGM is the Double Tree by Hilton, Crystal City at 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22202.  A special negotiated rate is available when you register for the Walk.  If you call to book your hotel reservations, make sure to ask for the FGM 2016 Walk Room Block rate.  If you book online, make sure you click on the link below to make your room reservations.DoubleTree Logo

Should I Walk Alone or as a Team? Either! Participants can walk alone or create their own team or group to help fund raise.

Is There a Refund/Exchange Policy? Yes. If a donation was made accidentally or for the wrong amount, simply make us aware of the issue and we will be happy to make any necessary refunds, changes or corrections. Registration fees are not refundable.

Will There Be Parking Available?  Parking is available only on the street but it is not guaranteed.  Traveling by Metro is highly recommended.  The nearest metro station is the Smithsonian Metro stop, 2 blocks away from the National Sylvan Theater where the walk site is located.

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